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As part of the initial free consultation / site survey, we will discuss with you / provide recommendations on which of our cabling services would best suit your requirements:-

·         Data Cabling – Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7.
·         Fibre Optic Cabling – FTTD
·         Voice Cabling – Cat3
Other services we provide to compliment the core cabling installation are as follows:-
·         Network Health Checks - If you think your network is running slowly, or you don’t know if your infrastructure is sufficient to support your network requirements, DPC can conduct an onsite review of your network infrastructure . From our analysis, we will then provide you with results of any tests carried out and recommendations on how to improve your network performance.
·          Network Cabinet Refits / Replacements – Over time, communication cabinets can start to get very full, dusty and messy, making life extremely difficult and forcing you to spend longer trying to sort through the ‘spaghetti’ of cables.  DPC can help by recommending  ways of improving the efficiency of your cabinets. Alternatively, if your cabinet is too small for the recent growth spurts of your network, we can also suggest ways of freeing space or even swapping your cabinet for a larger model.
·         Electrical Installations – DPC can install spurs and power for Communication Cabinets, electrical sockets for offices and even assist in the zoning and re-zoning of lights and switches as office moves are becoming more prevalent.
·         Wireless Access - Wireless is becoming more popular in certain industry environments and for specialist applications. Whilst we believe that standard cabling is the best route for security, bandwidth and active down-time issues, we also realise that there are times when only wireless will achieve the best result.  Wireless has become a second option in many businesses over recent years,  to allow users to move around offices and pretty much work anywhere in the building without needing a network connection. This flexibility gives businesses added advantages over their competitors. Buildings can also be linked with wireless, sometimes over great distances if standard cabling cannot be deployed or is too expensive.

About UsWhat We DoContact Us